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Pray Pray Pray !
Monday, 24 March 2014 • 23:29 • 0 comments

Yeah it is a big tragedy . It really make me crying. I don't know why. The passengers the crews and the pilot takde pertalian darah langsung dengan Tieyra but I can feel the sadness. I feel lost.

Read  this : 

How can I be strong like her ? Maira Elizaberth. She is very strong. Now she lost her father. Her Beloved Father. It was really sad. I know she is not Muslim. But for me as a muslim. I should pray for all people. I really hope she can be strong enough to face all of this. I know she can. 
Please to all Malaysian or people. Please stop making a very "Stupid Stories" . The sturpid stories that you all made will make a thousands people crying. Don't you feel guilty with that :( 
So please! Think positive. Do not make a thousand of hearts broke into a thousand and more pieces. 
Pleaseeee ! Im begging you. 
I can't see Maira crying agian.
Ya Allah give all the families members of the victims strenght to face all of this. 
Kau ampunilah dosa-dosa mereka kau tenangkanlah hati ahli keluarga mereka. 

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