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Once upon a time. I am very confuse about love. And Im asking myself. I got the answer.

But I still cannot find my TRUE LOVE until I met you. The first time I saw you. I smiled. I don't know why. I feel you always with me. I feel safe when Im with you. I start to know love is YOU.

Now I know how the love is . I love the way you are. I still acting like I don't like you. Im lying myself because of you. Don't ask me why. Cause I really don't know that. But I know, you are my LOVE.

But when Im trying to talk to you. Smile when I meet. I wonder ~ 

 How can someone like you like me ? I am nerd. I don't know a lot about stylish in school. But I am stylish outside. But not in school. Im crying cause Im not special at your eyes. Im crying and Im trying to forget you. Because you're just like

 After that, my best friend always said. Stop dreaming ! It will not come true then. It just you dream. And just stop dreaming. He is famous and ofcoz he don't like girl like you. You're not famous at all. You just like a NERD girl. He don't know you. Maybe for him you just like an idiot and annoying girl. Don't you feel shy with that Sepet? Wake up friend !

 Im crying again. A lot of time. Then after 3 months Im trying to forget him. And at that time. Im a wellknown. not at all. but sometimes people know me. haha. then he commented at my pictures on instagram. He tried to joke with me. Im happy. I am really happy. I don't know how to tell you how much Im happy. That time I am at Jakarta,Indonesia. I FEEL LIKE

Haha, yeah . I feel like that. For a long time we know each other. You know me and I know you. You are so cute. You said that you like me too . But I don't think so. Maybe you just kidding me that. But if you don't like me why you always spend your time chatting, texting, tweeting, facebooking and skyping with me? It really make me feel curios . Don't you feel that. He not replying my text because he said he was busy that day. He not top up his phone. But I saw some pictures at instagram. He enjoying taking a lot of selfies with his girl friends. Im starting to know that you're not my LOVE. but I still wishing that you know how much I love you. But then I starting to talk about you with your friend. And you know that. You're jelouse. I know! You always asking "Donot texting with HIM?" hahaha. I know he was jealouse but he don't want to tell me. But if he don't really love me . Why ?? ?? Why he got jealouse ? It really make me feel curious !!

Then I know.

 Im starting to ignore him. Then my father asked me to join him to go to Kelantan. My crush's home town. Then I call his friend. "Hey wassup bro! Im at kelantan now. Lets lepak with me lah. I miss you a lot lah bro. Don't forget to bring your FRIEND too. haha"
His friend said "Hai wassup. Okay meet me tonight. Ofcoz I will bring your BOY lah dik."
Hahahahaha ! He know that I really miss my crush right ? haha.
Then my crush CALLED me. He said "You still in kelantan right. Okay wait for me. I'll meet you."

I just said "OK"

I don't know what I feel because I remember my friend's quotes. Just stop dreaming my friend

But my other friend's quotes.

But I think I did wrong decision.
I did this !

But the thing that I got is

Im crying again. Then after 3days not talking or texting with him. He decided to call me at Skype. Andddd...

I always hoping that I will get him to be mine one day. Wish me gudluck coz ~



I love you my BUNCIT.
You are my LOVE.

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